Going Public with Dementia

I want to go public with my Dementia. I kept it a secret for years. I was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA) in 2003, but my speech was the only problem. My doctors were puzzled why I could retain my written language and I could understand oral language as long as long as I did. Finally they changed my diagnosis to Frontal Dementia with Apraxia. I was happy because PPA progresses to dementia but the patient loses all their language both oral and written.
I want to say that I don’t plan on writing every day. I just figured it would to be easier to send web blog address to everyone I knew than to send attachments to everybody.

Last year, I asked a lot of you to pray for me when I was invited to “speak “about living with Dementia to a graduate class at the Center for Brain Health in Dallas. I wrote out the speech and they read it and then they asked me questions to show how I confused I get with oral language. I have included that presentation under the tab at the top of the page and to the right of the page. It’s entitled “Living With Dementia.

I wrote some poetry when I was dealing with having to retire from a job that I loved: teaching teachers in a graduate level class. They were kindergarten through second grade teachers and the class met once a week and during the week I visited in their classes and demonstrated and helped problem solve. The collection is called “Song Without Words” and it is dedicated to my dear husband, Mike and I have included it too. It is in the tab at top of this page and to the right of this page called “Poetry”.

There is also a tab called Verses. These are my Bible verses I try to read every morning. I have shared them with a lot of you. They have helped me and comforted me.

I want to express my appreciation to all of you. I couldn’t had made it without your prayers and I want to thank my lovely daughter, Rachel, for helping me set this blog up.
And most of all I want to thank my God and his Son Jesus, my Saviour, and the Holy Spirit, who comforts me.

If you see an inappropriate youtube film. I don’t how to get rid of it. If you know how to get rid of it please contact me